Master Classes 2015

The ABFF Foundation will present three educational master classes at ABFF 2015: Producing, Writing and Acting. Sign up now – limited availability!

Master Class in Writing for Television

Presented by Time Warner Foundation & ABFF Foundation

Friday, June 12 | 9:00 am – 11:00 am | HBO® Theater | $95 BUY NOW


Master class attendees acquire the essential skills necessary for a writing career in the television industry – from how to structure and write an impressive spec script, through to developing your own series. Learn how to outline story and character, and discover the differences between writing for cable versus network television. A great class for anyone interested in becoming a staff writer in the television industry today.

Instructor: Karen Horne, Vice President of Programming Talent Development & Inclusion at NBC Entertainment & Universal Television

The Fundamentals of Producing, led by Roger Bobb

Presented by Time Warner Foundation & ABFF Foundation

Friday, June 12 | 12:15 pm – 2:15 pm | HBO® Theater | $95 BUY NOW


Roger Bobb will discuss the creative, executive and technical responsibilities in all phases of production and distribution, providing a comprehensive overview of a film producer’s core responsibilities:

  • Budgeting & Scheduling
  • Production Logistics
  • Crew and Contracts
  • Music Rights and Clearances
  • Working with Unions and Guilds/On-Set Etiquette

TSAW – Tasha Smith’s Actors Workshop

Presented by Time Warner Foundation & ABFF Foundation

Friday, June 12 | 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm | HBO® Theater | $95 | SOLD OUT


This workshop has been designed to incorporate both, emerging performers looking to learn the craft, strategy and techniques to acting, as well as more experienced actors looking to fine-tune their skills for motion picture, television, commercials, radio and/or theatre.

  • Learn to access your emotional life (fears, anger, grief, joy, jealousy, rejection, insecurities, etc.), to accomplish scene objectives.
  • Learn how to make your objectives drive the scene.
  • Learn to relax, listen and enjoy the creative process of becoming a great actor
  • Learn a sure-fire technique to break down your scenes.
  • Become empowered to have confident and creative auditions.
  • Find strong personal substitutions that work for you.

During the Workshop Tasha Smith will:

  • Give detailed and demonstrative critique of scene work.
  • Help you discover your innate artistic potential.
  • Discuss the keys to effective rehearsals.
  • Breakdown methods to identify “acting blocks” and habits inhibiting growth.
  • Encourage free expression and imagination
  • Look at how character development and technical polish enable brilliant interplay.

All with the goal of transforming participants into well-tuned and spiritually centered performers.

The TSAW Workshop includes…

  • Instrumental, emotional and improvisational exercises.
  • How to locate “substitutional” choices and circumstances.
  • Building a character.
  • How to portray human emotions such as fear, anger, grief, joy, jealousy, rejection, insecurity etc.