ABFF® truTV Comedy Writers Competition

Submissions are closed for 2018.

ABFF is excited to announce the launch of the 1st annual ABFF truTV Comedy Writers Competition. This competition is designed to find the next generation of comedy writers with a distinct POV. The goal is to identify an outstanding content creator who will be given the opportunity to develop a project in partnership with truTV.

What is truTV looking for?

  • truTV is a comedy network, so it’s all about leaning into the comedy first.
  • Show formats that are highly repeatable and easily produced, while still maintaining high production values and smart, clever writing.
  • When talent (or group of talent) is attached, that Talent has a genuine and authentic POV on that subject matter.
  • Topics that are sticky and relevant to the truTV audience
    • Men/Women 50/50 split
    • 18-49, median age 34
  • A premise that lends itself to a solid beginning, middle, end with real stakes.
  • The brand experience on truTV shows is that you’re always getting “something” at all times, whether it’s laughter or something informative to walk away with.
  • Submitters are encouraged to check out existing truTV’s original programming, including Impractical Jokers, Adam Ruins Everything, Talk Show The Game Show, The Carbonaro Effect, Hack My Life, The Chris Gethard Show, Comedy Knockout, and Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks.

One winning content creator will be presented an award before the festival audience, a development prize of $5,000 with an opportunity to receive an additional $10k for a total potential development prize of $15k along with and the potential to further develop an original project in partnership with truTV.

Please review general submission guidelines below, along with the official rules.

Submission criteria and deadlines:

  • Be members of a diverse or underrepresented community
  • Submit a written overview of an original comedy series (3 pages max) inclusive of:
    • A logline of the show premise/concept
    • Type of format
    • Is there Talent (or a group of talent) at the lead of the show? Why this talent?
    • Show overview, which consists of:
      • A description of the concept.
      • Who is participating in the show? And where does the show take place?
      • If it’s a game show format – What are the rules of the game and how does it work? What are the stakes? What are you driving towards and what’s the end goal?
    • Show breakdown – briefly describe each of your 4 acts.
  • Option to submit a 2-minute sizzle reel of an original comedy series
  • Submit headshot, one (1) page bio and one (1) page resume.
  • Read, complete, and sign the submission agreement.
  • Submission period: March 30, 2018 to April 23, 2018

Please note: only the first 200 submissions will be accepted for review.